Dira na Dhamira


To become an excellent Regulatory Body in serving and supporting the Sugar Industry towards achieving competitiveness and sustainability.


Guided by principles of impartiality, excellent services and integrity, SBT seeks to create, sustain and regulate an environment conducive to sugar stakeholders to efficiently and profitably produce cane, sugar and related products.

Our Core Values

To ensure equal access by all stakeholders to the services offered by the Board.
To be driven by customer needs and expectations in all operations
Through excellent service delivery the Board will strike to exceed stakeholder expectations.
To uphold virtues for integrity through honesty and fairness in all undertakings
To strive to be responsible caretakers of all resources entrusted to the Board in a professional and transparent manner.
To strive to optimise synergies in order to meet set goals by consciously and deliberately nurturing team spirit, collaboration and consultation.
To promote principals of gender equity, fairness and balance across gender