Dira na Dhamira


To sustain growth of the Sugar Industry in Tanzania.


To provide effective and innovative regulatory and development services to the Sugar Industry.

Our Core Values

Being accountable to different stakeholders and to the nation in the execution of the mandate and responsibilities bestowed upon the Board..
Being exemplary in behavior and acting with honesty and fairness in all our undertakings with neutrality and impartiality, without fear or favor.
The Board and its stakeholders shall work to ensure that there is availability of information which is deemed public.
The Board and its stakeholders shall be dynamic and come up with innovative ideas to address the challenges in the sugar industry and capitalize on the available opportunities for improved livelihood of the key stakeholders and national income.
To be driven by customer needs and expectations in all operations to produce acceptable results of which they could prove as significant positive changes.
Upholding teamwork and collaboration among key stakeholders of sugar industry to realize the synergies of working together.